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The Pre-Thanksgiving Root Canal

*This is dedicated to the hygienist and Dr. Taito, DDS who were worried that I might use this experience in one of my “bits.”  I am. First, some exposition:  For over a month I’ve had a wicked pain on the left side of my head.  Various doctors have prescribed antibiotics and pain killers to temporary results, […]

An Evening with David Sedaris

  It was a lovely evening to be sure.  Mr. Sedaris was absent when the evening, for my wife and I, began at Kiku, a new sushi restaurant in downtown Milwaukee.  This was my meal: If you’re into sushi, the fish was very fresh and the portions were ample.  If you’re not into sushi, thanks […]

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It looks like we’ve finally turned the corner.  Spring has sprung and the men are sprouting antlers (as if they needed something to make them even less attractive to their quarry). Fellas, if you plan on going out on the town and Tom Cattin’ anytime soon, you’d do well to do so sporting my brand new […]

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Valentine’s Day/The “Cotton” Anniversary

I know that you all have been hearing about it constantly, but allow me to be the next to say Happy V.D.  Of course, I’m referring to Valentine’s Day not the other thing.  However, feel free to walk around all day Saturday saying:  “Hello.  How’s your V.D?” and watch people’s faces. But Valentine’s Day is a […]

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Willy Porter Explains the Banking Crisis

How to Rob a Bank by Willy Porter For those of you who are curious as to the cause of our current banking crisis and/or still have the stomach to hear more, Willy Porter explains it all in this podcast from the Dave and Carole morning show on 96.5/WKLH Milwaukee.  Thanks, Willy. -Dylan

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