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The Miller Park Summit

Recently, an acquaintance wrote to me in an email saying:  “Boy, Wisconsin politics must be a gold mine for a comedian.” You’d think. But in fact, it’s more of a mine field. Sure, you can joke about it; just don’t be surprised when the heckling is accompanied by small arms fire. Honestly, it’s like working […]

This Probably Won’t Change Your Mind

So a Rabbi, a priest and a Chinese guy walk into a bar in Madison, Wisconsin. The Rabbi says:  “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?” —Rabbi Hillel The priest says:  “Where there is charity and wisdom, […]

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The Drunken WHAAA?

Yesterday, my wife and I and the rest of her family and in-laws drove to Fox Lake, Wisconsin to get family portraits taken. If you’re wondering where Fox Lake, Wisconsin is, I drove there, and I still don’t know. After trying to smile naturally for 30 minutes and at least managing a toothy grimace, the family went […]

The Shuffle Merge

If you live anywhere near a road in South-Eastern Wisconsin, you know that it’s been a rough construction season. In the past, when someone said:  “Wisconsin has two seasons:  Winter and Road Repair,” you probably chuckled and said:  “I hear that.” This year however, when someone says:  “Wisconsin has two seasons:  Winter and Road Repair,” […]

Cash for Gulfstream Clunkers

Do you remember when Congress dressed down the auto execs for flying to D.C. on their private jets?  Boy, they sure let them have it, didn’t they? Funny story… The House of Representatives just voted themselves 3 new Gulfstream jets which will ensure that, when they travel, they won’t have to rub elbows with their […]

The Day the Danny Died

“The ones that I admire most/The Father, Son and Holy Ghost/Took the last train for the coast/The day the Danny…died.” I feel bad for Danny because my local Fox affiliate has been eulogizing him all night.  It won’t be the same around the American Idol dinner table next week, and, a month from now, some […]

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Bad Luck

Many of you have recently contacted me to ask if that was me in that Majestic Pines Casino commercial as the character of Bad Luck.  The answer is “yes, it was.”  It was one in a series of three commercials that we filmed it at various locations in Madison, Wisconsin about 1 year and 15 pounds ago.  (If you’re familiar with Madison, […]

Help is on the Way, Governor Doyle!

  I would like to start smoking again.  I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out.  Yes, I know it’s bad for me, yes, I know it’s dangerous, but the State of Wisconsin needs me.  Folks, I love my State of Wisconsin (State Flower:  the Wood Violet, State Tree:  the Sugar Maple, State Rock: […]

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Lincoln Logs’ Wisconsin Connection

There’s a popular childhood toy of the past with a distinctly Wisconsin connection.  The toy is Lincoln Logs.  A lot of people think that Lincoln Logs were named after Abraham Lincoln, but they weren’t.  Lincoln Logs were the idea of one John Wright, and he came up with the idea while watching the construction of […]

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