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The Treacherous Swine

Friends, this Swine Flu thing has gotten us all Bug-A-Boo.  Some people say that it’s no big deal, but you’re right to be afraid.  You see, I know what it is to fear the vicious pig.  I’ve seen his power up close; I’ve looked into his dead eyes and, thankfully, lived to tell about it.  […]

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Swine Flu Redux

WARNING:  Before reading this Blog, please rub Purell in your eyes to prevent infection. You’ve likely heard of Monkey Pox, you’ve certainly heard of Bird Flu, but now, the Granddaddy of all animal-borne illnesses is back, and in the words of prophet, poet and Antiperspirant-Chunks-In-The-Armpit-Hair-Model L.L. Cool J:  “Deepest, bluest, my head is like a shark’s fin.”  […]

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