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The Treacherous Swine

Friends, this Swine Flu thing has gotten us all Bug-A-Boo.  Some people say that it’s no big deal, but you’re right to be afraid.  You see, I know what it is to fear the vicious pig.  I’ve seen his power up close; I’ve looked into his dead eyes and, thankfully, lived to tell about it.  […]

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Monkey Paw Weather Magic

They’re just never right, are they?  I’m, of course, referring to our area meteorologists.  Oh sure, they’re great at telling you what it’s doing right now.  Heck, they’re even good at looking up the records and telling you what the weather was like on this date in 1910, but they’re still painfully inadequate at predicting […]

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Krwqpugh! Bvdfx py Gjkdsaq!

We’re going on month four of this here B-log, and let me just get goosey and girlie for a minute and say that these four months of howling at the moon in my own obscure little corner of the Internet have been just fantastic, and I doubt the Honeymoon will ever end.  I mean, my […]

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