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On The Same Day That Health Care Went Viral on Facebook…

…a woman in a wheelchair was shouted down at a New Jersey town hall as she attempted to plead her case. I just returned from a show at Marquette University where, for whatever reason, exactly half of the crowd began booing at the mere mention of President Obama’s name. My friends, at this rate, we are […]

To The Sponsors of the Health Care Reform Bill

I’ve been watching the various town hall meetings closely.  I haven’t been listening to them however, because every time a person in a suit talks, I yell at the television until my neck and cheeks are red like I learned in Debate Club.  Anyway, from what I read on the Closed Captioning, you’re forming something called a “Death Panel.”  Aside from […]

When Did I Become More Conservative Than My Republican Friends?

This is regarding Health Care, so please just take it easy and hear me out. A health care option, even one offered by the Government (the folks who brought you the Veterans Administration), is good because it competes with insurance companies. Competition is good for 2 Reasons. 1.  It forces companies to be nice to consumers (us) […]