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Costumes, Sporting Events, and That Guy

When I saw Tom Petty last Summer, I wore a tour t-shirt from a previous tour. A friend of mine laughed at me:  “Oh my God! You were totally ‘That Guy.’” “What guy?” “The guy who wears a tour t-shirt to concert.” I later ascertained that he stole that bit of wisdom from Jeremy Piven […]

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign: Bay View Trick or Treating

It’s Bay View, nighttime Trick or Treating time again.  When I was a resident of Bay View, I was happy to participate, and gave myself over 100% to the event, even going so far as to dress up myself.  There was a real sense of community about it.  Unfortunately, I no longer live in Bay […]

Worst Halloween Candy EVER

As promised, here’s the short list: First, there are Circus Peanuts.  Thankfully, Circus Peanuts are hard to find.  If you’re not familiar, they are basically marshmallows molded into the shape of a large peanut.  Most people never experience the horrible taste because the color is enough to keep it from being consumed.  Much like many […]

Halloween ’09

It’s here again; my favorite time of the year.  I am of course talking about Halloween.  This wonderful time of year when you walk around the neighborhood, leaves crunching under your feet, and stop at a particular that has been painstakingly decorated in honor of our favorite Druid holiday.  Most people don’t know that that’s […]