My Office


If you’re looking to hire me, I don’t blame you. I was Employee of the Month at Wendy’s in the summer of 1986, and I like to think that I bring that same dedication and work ethic to every job I do minus the oily T-zone.

It would be a pleasure to exchange my services for your goods.

Services Potentially Rendered


I'm not a fast-talking cattle auctioneer, nor am I a high-falutin' Sotheby's type. But if you like a little fun with your fundraising, I can help. I have auctioneered for such groups as Pathfinders, the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center, The Women's Center of Waukesha, The Haggerty Museum of Art, The Wisconsin Humane Society, The Milwaukee Public Museum and SHARP Literacy.

Corporate Entertainment

Whether you're looking for stand-up tailored to your business, interactive improvisation, or my one-person musical show: "Ayn Rand: Free Markets are for Lovers," I can provide entertainment for almost any gathering.


If you have a project that requires comedy, I can help. (For the record, I also write tragedy, but very few projects require it).

The Creative Life Workshop

Part improvisation, part writing skills, The Creative Life Workshop will unlock your inner artist by teaching the 4 C's: Courage, Confidence, Cooperation, and Celery. (To be honest, we could probably get away with just 3 C's). Perfect for boosting creativity in the individual and the group. Private workshops are available, and public workshops occur regularly (based on demand).

Light Raking

I can't tell you how or why, but I've always been very good at raking.

Contact Information

Contact me in one of two ways:

First, at dawn, sit on the bench on the west side of the park. Identify yourself by wearing jodhpurs and a tube top. Every time a bicycle rides past, scream "Fluffernutter!" If a pedestrian walks by, say the code words: "I have mango juice in my van." Eventually, the police will come. They will bring you to me.


Email me at dylan@dylanbolin.com