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Y.B.M.T.S.O.L.C.© Chapter Two

Lady Catherine pulled her brush through her hair feeling the tug against her scalp.  While staring in the mirror, she felt the tug from her heart.  Sometimes she feared her heart would leap from her chest, take her place at the breakfast table and betray her lustful yearnings to her husband, Lord Horatio Hotchkiss.  She […]

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Y.B.M.T.S.O.L.C.©: Chapter One

Morning broke early on the Hotchkiss Estate.  The fog lingered over the rolling pasture, and the hills broke through the mist like a heaving bosom straining against a nightgown.  The horses had already been put out to pasture, and Lady Catherine Hotchkiss watched them through her second-story, chamber window.  Their powerful haunches writhed beneath wiry […]

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Yearning by Moonlight: The Seduction of Lady Catherine©

Who doesn’t love a good bodice-ripping romance novel.  God knows I do.  I read them all the time; at the laundromat, on the bus, in the lunch room at work and even at home before Family Feud.  Why, then, do they always leave me feeling so unfulfilled?  Well, better to light a match than curse the […]

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