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Willy Porter Explains the Banking Crisis

How to Rob a Bank by Willy Porter For those of you who are curious as to the cause of our current banking crisis and/or still have the stomach to hear more, Willy Porter explains it all in this podcast from the Dave and Carole morning show on 96.5/WKLH Milwaukee.  Thanks, Willy. -Dylan

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Front Row at Cake

By now, I hope that you’ve all recovered from any New Year’s Eve festivities that you enjoyed/regretted.  I know, personally, it feels good to have my filtration organs back up to snuff.  Yesterday, my body bore an uncanny resemblance to Milwaukee’s Deep Tunnel Project and due to overwhelming volume, major dumping was necessary.  But this […]

The Dylan Bolin Gift Certificate

Personally, I don’t care for gift certificates.  Nothing screams:  “I was obliged to get you a gift so here’s a gift certificate!” like a gift certificate.  I like to play with my holiday toys right out of the wrapping paper. That being said, for those of you who are looking for a last-minute gift for […]

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