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The Only Holiday Recipe You’ll Ever Need

I don’t know about you, but I love Irish Cream.  This time of year, I add it to nearly every liquid I ingest.  What follows is the greatest recipe for home-made Irish Cream that I have ever known: Add the following to a blender in this order: 1 cup bourbon or whiskey (this recipe works […]

Storm Dogs

Hello friends.  I’m writing this having gotten exactly fifteen minutes of sleep last night, so forgive me if the tieping is strangely.  If you’re in the Milwaukee area, you know that a wicked batch of thunderstorms rolled through last night, and if you have a dog (even the most laid-back, laissez-faire kind) chances are it […]

The Mighty ‘Quins

Friends, I’ve always made it a point to continue learning as an adult.  And what’s great about learning as an adult is that your free to choose what it is you want to learn.  The downside is, just because your interested in something does not necessarily mean that that something is interested in you.  For […]

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Blog Magic

Hiya, friends.  I came across a little brain teaser that I’d like to share with you.  Via this Blog, I will attempt to read your mind.  Ready? As you scroll down at a leisurely pace, answer the following questions as quickly as you can:                   What is: […]

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Dylan in the Deep Tunnel

  You know, rarely, in polite conversation, is it ever discussed where it goes when we go, but in this Blog, we’re going to go there.  Because today, I’d like to celebrate what I, for one, consider to be a much-maligned municipal service, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District or M.M.S.D.  I say much-maligned because it’s a service […]

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Valentine’s Day/The “Cotton” Anniversary

I know that you all have been hearing about it constantly, but allow me to be the next to say Happy V.D.  Of course, I’m referring to Valentine’s Day not the other thing.  However, feel free to walk around all day Saturday saying:  “Hello.  How’s your V.D?” and watch people’s faces. But Valentine’s Day is a […]

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The Kiss

Hey, I want you to think about your best kiss.  The best kiss you ever gave; the best kiss you ever received.  Do you remember him or her?  Do you remember where you were?  Do you remember deciding that you were going to do it?  I sure do.  The best kiss I ever gave was […]

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