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Three Cheers for Technology

I’ll be frank. I’m writing this now because the television is out. Perhaps you, like me, remember a time when the only way your television would go out was if the actual station was hit by a meteor. Or if it was the end of the broadcast day, and, after the Star Spangled Banner, you […]

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Or Current Resident

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved getting mail. I loved it so much that I had several pen pals. Back in the mid-70’s, we were encouraged in school to write to strangers, mainly foreign children and shut-ins. Sure, I may have been writing to psychopaths, prisoners and Carter Democrats, but that never bothered […]

A Little Something for the Ladies

An incomplete list of potential names for a male exotic dance troupe: Pasty Thunder Generation Pecs Crank Daddies Plumber Butt Junk Chuckers Male Pattern Boldness Filet Man Young Slinging Thongs The Loin Rangers Rick Ribmeat and Motion Lotion Glistening Visitor Man Candy Beef Whistle Mandatory Staff Meeting A Mouthful of Clooney Dude Ranch The Pool […]

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So, recently, I was diagnosed with gout. When the doctor said the word “gout,” immediately, I thought:  “Gout? What am I, a Charles Dickens character?” It started when I was walking through Bayshore Towne Centre on my way to meet the wife for a lovely (albeit prohibitively large-portioned dinner) at The Cheesecake Factory. I felt […]

Victoria Day

Good morning. And if you’re anything like me and your morning has been postponed to early afternoon, you, like me, probably had a pretty good Victoria Day. Obviously, we here in America like to co-opt the national celebrations of other countries. It’s our way of saying to our international colleagues that, if only for a […]

What’s the Opposite of a Boycott?

Things have been mighty contentious in Wisconsin lately. One the plus side, as is the case in most “dust ups,” eventually the dust settles, and, for better or worse, the landscape looks different than it once did. This particular battle between Wisconsin’s new Governor and hundreds of thousands of protesters seems to revolve around creating […]

This Probably Won’t Change Your Mind

So a Rabbi, a priest and a Chinese guy walk into a bar in Madison, Wisconsin. The Rabbi says:  “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?” —Rabbi Hillel The priest says:  “Where there is charity and wisdom, […]

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So I created a Twitter account. A friend assured me that it was a crucial tool in the field of “on-line publishing” (A.K.A. writing for free). I tend to think that, as it pertains to providing free content to numerous websites, I am, in fact, the tool, but if I’m going to be exploited, why […]


It’s Thanksgiving, and you want to do your part. You want to give thanks. And thank God it’s Thanksgiving because you’re turgid with gratitude. You’ve been saving it up for a year. But maybe you don’t have a place for it. I mean, of course you’re thankful, there’s a holiday and everything. And of course […]