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Proposed Pit Bull Ban Vetoed by West Allis Mayor

The West Allis Common Council recently unanimously approved (9-0 with one Alderperson abstaining) a Pit Bull ban in the City of West Allis.  Thankfully, the Mayor of the city, Dan Devine, has promised to veto the legislation.  As you may have guessed from the tone of this paragraph, my wife and I are pit bull owners. Bailey is a […]

The New Art

The last time I encountered a Web Designer, I remember thinking:  “Wow, that was like talking to an artist.”  There was the Thousand Yard Stare of seeking perfection and the distracted, interpersonal responses.  And this was while he was NOT currently working on a website; in fact, he was avoiding working on a website.  Just like […]

The Big Three go to Washington

The Big Three are back in Washington today.  Of course I’m referring to the Father, Son and Chrysler.  After their dressing down the last time they were in Washington, they flew back to Detroit, formulated a plan to cut 20,000 more middle class jobs, drove back in Hybrids and asked for even more money.  As long as […]

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Milwaukee’s 2008 Blizzard-ish Winter Weather Snow Event

I would like to congratulate everyone who is reading this, because if you are reading this right now, that means that you are alive.  If you are not reading this right now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are dead.  You could be reading something else or nothing at all.  Either way you’re dead to […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Hello again, friends.  It would appear that I have fallen victim to the “Creeping Crud” that’s been plaguing many of you.  That’s right; I’m sick.  I am, however, determined not to let it affect these Blogs because, you see, writing unsolicited essays for your consumption is not only presumptuous and arrogant on my part, but it’s also incredibly […]

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Lite Beer and Wall Street

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in my life, this morning, I, Dylan Bolin, can call myself a “winner.”  I’ll explain.  As you know, I’m a huge fan of our new alcoholic beverage masters, MillerCoors.  I’ve said this many times on the air at WKLH and, so far, they have yet to send me […]

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I Want My “Dark Future!”

I want my Dark Future.  All my life I’ve been watching movies and television shows heralding a dark, polluted, dystopian future where apartment buildings reach into a scorched sky, and can only be accessed by flying cars.  I don’t know what the hold-up is.  The Evangelicals have been rooting for the Rapture ever since Constantine […]

Dying Prematurely and the CDC

I recently read an article stating that smoking kills 443,000 prematurely each year.  The statistic comes from the CDC, the Center for Disease Control.  I take exception to this statement.  I have no problem with the “smoking kills” part or even the number.  What I take exception to is the “prematurely” part.  Clearly, this implies […]