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Signs of the Recall

Spring in Wisconsin has always been a special time. As any denizen of the Badger State will attest, you know its spring when the first robin is sucked into the intake of a Harley Davidson and shot out of its Screamin’ Eagles®. You know its spring when the 3-foot-tall, herbicide-resistant dandelions take their first child […]

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A Balanced Budget

Over the next month, you’re going to hear a lot about Wisconsin’s budget. Specifically, you’re going to hear that the budget was balanced, and then you’re going to hear that it wasn’t. You may even hear it from the same person. Frankly, the deft manipulation of half-truths has been elevated to an art form in […]

The Elephant In The Room

I’ve never made a secret of my political views; I tend to lean left. Honestly, I don’t think my beliefs are that radical but, compared to what serves as the other end of the spectrum these days, admitting to some Conservatives that you have handful of liberal views is like announcing that you once opened […]

Beast Mode, Yeast Mode, Dianne Wiest Mode

I do not care for the Milwaukee Brewers’ “Beast Mode,” and the main reason is this: There are going to be days when you get thumped 12-3, and when you do, any displays of “Beast Mode” during the afore-mentioned thumping appear childish and trite. I don’t mean to urinate in anyone’s Cheerios; if “Beast Mode” […]

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Congratulations From Governor Scott Walker

My wife and I recently received this in the mail from Governor Scott Walker and his wife, Tonette: It’s a card congratulating us on the birth of our daughter. This is the inside:  That was nice, we thought, but unfortunately Governor Walker asked us to return it when he found out that Nora’s birth was the result of […]

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The Magic Pool Noodle

As I write this, my wife is experiencing what’s called Pre-labor. This is the point where cramps, which sound benign and kind of cute, become contractions, which are anything but. Even the word “contraction” is loaded with gravitas. A “contract” is a binding document; once signed, there’s no turning back. And we all know what […]

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