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Human Nature?

I’ve always been a big fan of Nature. I see the Earth not as a 1987 Mercury Topaz dragging us around the sun until we die, but as a living, breathing thing.  A wise, sentient being that would actually speak to us if we listened.  I’ve always felt this way. As a child, I subscribed to Ranger Rick magazine, the […]

To The Sponsors of the Health Care Reform Bill

I’ve been watching the various town hall meetings closely.  I haven’t been listening to them however, because every time a person in a suit talks, I yell at the television until my neck and cheeks are red like I learned in Debate Club.  Anyway, from what I read on the Closed Captioning, you’re forming something called a “Death Panel.”  Aside from […]

When Did I Become More Conservative Than My Republican Friends?

This is regarding Health Care, so please just take it easy and hear me out. A health care option, even one offered by the Government (the folks who brought you the Veterans Administration), is good because it competes with insurance companies. Competition is good for 2 Reasons. 1.  It forces companies to be nice to consumers (us) […]

Toffee Kills More People Than Smoking*

*Not really. But I am frustrated by toffee.  I’m not frustrated by toffee as a concept; I’m frustrated by toffee as candy.  It’s very difficult to eat; almost like a fight.  If you win, you get to swallow the toffee; if you lose, you need a filling replaced.  Now, I’m not talking about taffy.  Taffy […]

A Hole in Milwaukee’s Skylight

If there’s a more uneasy relationship than that shared by art and commerce, I don’t know what it is.  That ill-fated pairing, complete with the requisite persecutors, victims and saviors, is on display for all to see here in Milwaukee.  If you plan on attending, this particular passion play runs indefinitely. Here’s the play synopsis:  The Skylight Opera Theatre, a perennial powerhouse of the Milwaukee theater scene, is […]

Air Dylan

I want my own airline.  People are very upset about the added charges to airline flights.  For instance, some airlines charge an extra $25 to bring a second piece of luggage, which I think is a great idea.  If you can’t fit what you need into one bag then you’re not vacationing, you’re relocating.  And did you […]

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A Humble Request

I have a humble request of my state lottery:  Please stop making scratch-off tickets so complicated. It’s not entertaining.  I am rarely, if ever, delighted by the latest “game.”  And I don’t want them to be entertaining.  I’ve never bought a lottery ticket for entertainment purposes.  For instance, I never thought of saying to a date:  “What […]