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What’s the Opposite of a Boycott?

Things have been mighty contentious in Wisconsin lately. One the plus side, as is the case in most “dust ups,” eventually the dust settles, and, for better or worse, the landscape looks different than it once did. This particular battle between Wisconsin’s new Governor and hundreds of thousands of protesters seems to revolve around creating […]

97% Of You Won’t Read This

However, I wish you would. The preceding title is intended to be provocative; it is intended to stir you to action. It is also phrase that is often seen in Facebook status updates as in: “God has provided this glorious day. 97% of you will NOT repost this.”  While I’m encouraged by the first sentence, […]

A Dog in This Fight

In a previous post, I addressed the issue of the proposed ban of the “R-Word.”  Since banning words is back on the table, I would like to nominate a phrase to put on the chopping block:  “…a dog in this fight.” If you’ve never heard the phrase before, it is almost always said with a […]

The “R-Word”

Needless to say, this is a touchy subject so I am going to tread lightly. The smoldering offence that many take at the utterance of this word erupted into a full-fledged firestorm when White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used the “R-Word” (in conjunction with another offensive word) to indicate his frustration with certain […]

Nikita Khrushchev, Build That Wall!

A lot has been made lately of the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  But never let us forget the fateful day that oppression planted the seeds of future freedom.  Let us also celebrate August 13th, 1961.  That is the day the border was closed…and just 12 days after, Six Flags opened […]

Worst Halloween Candy EVER

As promised, here’s the short list: First, there are Circus Peanuts.  Thankfully, Circus Peanuts are hard to find.  If you’re not familiar, they are basically marshmallows molded into the shape of a large peanut.  Most people never experience the horrible taste because the color is enough to keep it from being consumed.  Much like many […]

A Humble Request: Trick or Treaters

A word of advice to prospective Trick or Treaters:  You must at least try to dress up.  Bed head and eye boogers are not a costume, and the pillow case you’re carrying doesn’t help either.  And if you’ve already hit puberty, maybe you should consider retiring from Trick or Treating and start a family of […]

Halloween ’09

It’s here again; my favorite time of the year.  I am of course talking about Halloween.  This wonderful time of year when you walk around the neighborhood, leaves crunching under your feet, and stop at a particular that has been painstakingly decorated in honor of our favorite Druid holiday.  Most people don’t know that that’s […]

On The Same Day That Health Care Went Viral on Facebook…

…a woman in a wheelchair was shouted down at a New Jersey town hall as she attempted to plead her case. I just returned from a show at Marquette University where, for whatever reason, exactly half of the crowd began booing at the mere mention of President Obama’s name. My friends, at this rate, we are […]