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The Magic Pool Noodle

As I write this, my wife is experiencing what’s called Pre-labor. This is the point where cramps, which sound benign and kind of cute, become contractions, which are anything but. Even the word “contraction” is loaded with gravitas. A “contract” is a binding document; once signed, there’s no turning back. And we all know what […]

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Three Cheers for Technology

I’ll be frank. I’m writing this now because the television is out. Perhaps you, like me, remember a time when the only way your television would go out was if the actual station was hit by a meteor. Or if it was the end of the broadcast day, and, after the Star Spangled Banner, you […]

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Like a Good Neighbor

As you know, occasionally, I like to deconstruct television commercials. I admire how they can be both seductive and abusive. They have the power to flatter us while they berate us. They dare to illustrate what we lack, and, brother, you’re a mess. State Farm Insurance has recently added another commercial featuring their willing, genie-like […]

Or Current Resident

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved getting mail. I loved it so much that I had several pen pals. Back in the mid-70’s, we were encouraged in school to write to strangers, mainly foreign children and shut-ins. Sure, I may have been writing to psychopaths, prisoners and Carter Democrats, but that never bothered […]