A Little Something for the Ladies

An incomplete list of potential names for a male exotic dance troupe:

Pasty Thunder
Generation Pecs
Crank Daddies
Plumber Butt
Junk Chuckers
Male Pattern Boldness
Filet Man Young
Slinging Thongs
The Loin Rangers
Rick Ribmeat and Motion Lotion
Glistening Visitor
Man Candy
Beef Whistle
Mandatory Staff Meeting
A Mouthful of Clooney
Dude Ranch
The Pool Boys
Pelvic Aggression
Cougar Bait
UPS Package Trackers
Tool Box
Firm Offer
Midlife Gyrations
3-D Steam Machine
It’s Raining Meat
Six-Packs and Marble Sacks


The Argyle Sweaters (Scotland)
Best of the Wurst (Germany)
Guy-kea (Scandinavia)
Running Bulls (Spain)
Cinco de Guy-o (Mexico)
Loose Nukes (Russia)
Studly Do-right (Canada)
Popular Uprising (Iran)

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