It’s Thanksgiving, and you want to do your part. You want to give thanks. And thank God it’s Thanksgiving because you’re turgid with gratitude. You’ve been saving it up for a year.

But maybe you don’t have a place for it. I mean, of course you’re thankful, there’s a holiday and everything. And of course you’re grateful, but maybe you don’t know who to give it to.

Hey. I want you to know that I’m here for you. I’d be more than happy to receive all that excess gratitude. And with so many people giving so many thanks, don’t we need someone to say:  “You’re welcome.” Well, I’m here to help.

Without a recipient, your thanks can’t flow. You have impotent gratitude. What good is giving when there’s no one there to take. Well, now there is.

For you, it’s Thanksgiving, but for me, it’s Thankstaking.

There’s no need to thank me…unless you need to…


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  1. Dear Dylan “Stuffing” Bolin,

    Thank you.