The Drunken WHAAA?

Yesterday, my wife and I and the rest of her family and in-laws drove to Fox Lake, Wisconsin to get family portraits taken. If you’re wondering where Fox Lake, Wisconsin is, I drove there, and I still don’t know. After trying to smile naturally for 30 minutes and at least managing a toothy grimace, the family went to a traditional Wisconsin supper club afterwards.

Across the parking lot was a bar called “The Drunken Clam,” and on it was this sign:

I’m sure you found the error on the poster and the attempt to repair it.

So many things went wrong before this sign was hung.

First, at the printer:  “Really? They really want it to say that? Well, okay.”

Then at the bar:  “Sure, it’s a mistake, but we can fix it.”

After attempting to alter it with a black Sharpie:  “Perfect.”

I think what disturbs me is that the proprietors weren’t disturbed enough to get it re-printed.

If you’re looking to attend, Fox Lake, Wisconsin is actually in Mississippi.


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  1. Scott T wrote

    We need Bernie in this pic to make it official

  2. I think The Drunken Clan sounds like a delightful bunch.