I need someone to explain something to me; preferably the people behind the popular Zoosk commercial.

First of all, if you’re not familiar, Zoosk is an on-line dating site. In fact, according to its website, Zoosk is the “world’s largest social dating community.” Finally, an end to anti-social dating.

But if you’ve seen the commercial, anti-social seems to be the perfect description.

Zoosk Commercial

In the main character’s fantasy, she hooks up with a hunky guy for some romance but, unfortunately, everything goes wrong. They butt heads, she kicks the candles off the dresser, his back goes out, etc.

Then, we return to reality where the main character and her friends stare, horrified, at the laptop screen. Then, with the support of her friends, she opts instead for some simpler cyber-flirting.

My question is this:  Were her friends present in her fantasy? And how did she manage to bring them with her? Was having her friends act as voyeurs a part of her fantasy? Or did Zoosk provide a video of her hypothetical, sexual exploits? And if that’s the case, is Zoosk some kind of god?

Just wondering.


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  1. yep.