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If You Ever Look For Travel Deals Online

Delete your Internet history each time before you visit the site (temporary sites and cookies). If you’ve ever visited an airline or travel site, it was probably to get a price on a particular trip. You get the price and go about your business. Maybe you decide to sleep on it before you pull the […]

After the Apocalypse

December 23rd, 2012 (Apocalypse+2) They did it; the bastards they finally did it. First, they crippled the internet with multiple DoS attacks. The electrical grid soon followed. Then, they jammed the satellites with sonar. They divided us, and then they conquered. I don’t know how many are left. The Dolphins were merciless. God only knows […]

The Shuffle Merge

If you live anywhere near a road in South-Eastern Wisconsin, you know that it’s been a rough construction season. In the past, when someone said:  “Wisconsin has two seasons:  Winter and Road Repair,” you probably chuckled and said:  “I hear that.” This year however, when someone says:  “Wisconsin has two seasons:  Winter and Road Repair,” […]

New Shirt

I never noticed this before, but whenever I buy a new shirt, like I did today from Goodwill, I go through this strange ritual. First, I gently remove the tags like vestigial umbilical cords, then I wash the shirt with my detergent and fabric softener so it has my scent, and finally, I put it […]

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