I Think I Saw a Stripper Who Was Late For Work Last Night

I was driving to work myself, and I saw a woman running as best she could despite her outfit. She wore a mini skirt that was little more than a bandage, and it rode up with each wobbling step. I assume the wobble was the result of her six-inch stiletto heels.  All and all, she ran with the grace of a new-born giraffe bounding through a mine field.

Perhaps it’s wrong to assume that she was a stripper, but there was a “gentlemen’s club” in the vicinity and, while she was a full block away, she was moving in that direction. She also had the unmistakable air of both prey and predator. 

My point is, until that moment, I’d never considered that a stripper could be late for work. It makes perfect sense that she could be, just like anyone else, but there had never been a synapse in my brain devoted to the idea.

I never thought of it the way that, as a child, I never thought of teachers using the bathroom.

Now, I’m haunted by it.


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  1. Thank you for this important reporting.

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