The Moment is Right!

When the Moment happens, you’ll be ready with Cialis. I have a few questions about that statement.

First of all, in the recent commercials, the Moment usually involves a house falling away, allowing the aging couple to go hiking. Now I know that Cialis does not treat a man’s hiking dysfunction, so I assume that there’s a second Moment.

During this Moment, does the house come back? Or does the Moment occur right there in the open at the river’s edge? If so, your Moment may conflict greatly with my non-Cialis Moment of canoeing with my family.

“Are those hairless otters, daddy?”


“Over there. Wrestling on the river bank.”

Even if you’re enjoying separate bathtubs on the pond, first of all, the condo association calls it a “water feature,” and, secondly, my son keeps having night terrors after he goes fishing. Please keep your Moments confined to a dark, windowless room.

And men, is the Moment really something that you need to be “ready” for? Is it like being hit in the stomach? If you’re not ready, will the Moment kill you like Houdini?

Life is made up of Moments, and surely we want to be ready. But remember:  The word “Moments” is the combination of “Mom” and “men” with a “ts” at the end.

Can we ever really truly be ready for that?


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  1. Awesome, except for that typo, should be “The word “Moments” is the combination of “Mom” and “men” with a “ts”

  2. Thanks, Vic. I fixed the typo but, you know what? I’m going to leave your comment. Now it looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Ha! …But in leaving THIS comment, I’ve actually spoiled it. Damn!