The Health Exhibit

Last night, while I was walking to a smokey, underground bar where a few friends and I planned to gradually poison ourselves, I passed a storefront gym.  Through the large windows, I could see several workers-out gradually making themselves healthier. 

I paused to watch them for several minutes which, despite my applause and words of encouragement which I’m sure they couldn’t hear, seemed to make them a little self-conscious.  That’s when I wondered:  For whom are the large windows intended?  Were they intended for passers-by to look in, or were they intended for the patrons of the facility to look out?  Was it sanctioned voyeurism, or inspiration for the exercisers?  I’m sure that both sides felt like they were participating in some sort of prison visitation.

To be fair, I do the same thing at the windows of restaurants.  I’ll pause, press my hands against the plate glass window and hungrily eye their entrees.  When I’m on the other side, I like to hold my meal up to the glass so pedestrians can vicariously enjoy the food.  What are windows if not implicit access to the other side? 

At any rate, I apologize if I made anyone uncomfortable.


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  1. Glass is a liquid designed to hold other liquids, as life eventually holds death which is simply one of those one-way windows in those interrogation rooms that every bad cop waits for death to break out of.
    That made me uncomfortable to write. I’ll stop now

  2. dave theune wrote

    Come by my window sometime.