Human Nature?

I’ve always been a big fan of Nature.

I see the Earth not as a 1987 Mercury Topaz dragging us around the sun until we die, but as a living, breathing thing.  A wise, sentient being that would actually speak to us if we listened.  I’ve always felt this way.

As a child, I subscribed to Ranger Rick magazine, the official kid’s magazine of the National Wildlife Federation.  While other kids clipped pages out of Teen Beat, my centerfolds were penguins.  I felt like Nature and I had a “thing.” 

Until today.  Today, my blind faith was tested.  Today, I got hit in the head by a wasp. 

He didn’t sting me; he flew into me.  The welt is from the impact.

I was just walking my dog, and I saw this wasp flying at me.  I remember thinking:  “Should I duck?”  Then I thought:  “The wasp is the one that knows how to fly; surely he instinctively knows how to…(Thwap!)…OWWW!…What the…?”

Nature, c’mon!  Why hast thou forsaken me?  And a wasp, no less.  I already hate wasps.  They serve no purpose but to fly and sting.  They’re already the thugs of the insect world, and now they’re Kamikazes?   If it were a bunny, well, then I would applaud you.  You create a prototype flying rabbit, and I’m with you.  Plus, being hit in the head by a flying bunny would have felt absolutely whimsical.  But wasps?  They already suck in so many ways; do they have to be clumsy, too?

Nature, if you’re reading this, I think our trust has been violated.  I need some time. 

And I pinned you up on my wall.


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  1. You’re funny.

  2. dave theune wrote

    I can picture you saying that last line perfectly.

  3. Dylan, don’t lose your faith in nature because of the lowly, apparently lummoxy, wasp. If Scientific American is right, those little guys may not be as dumb as they appear. In fact, your accidental encounter may have intelligent design behind it, which, you may remember, is the train of thought that prompted Robert Frost to write his gem-like sonnet “Design.” Just a weird notion, but I sometimes try to read real-life events through dream symbolism. Supposedly our “3rd eye” is right where your wasp pal decided to collide. Here’s the article link.