Cash for Gulfstream Clunkers

Do you remember when Congress dressed down the auto execs for flying to D.C. on their private jets?  Boy, they sure let them have it, didn’t they?

Funny story…

The House of Representatives just voted themselves 3 new Gulfstream jets which will ensure that, when they travel, they won’t have to rub elbows with their unwashed constituents.  No word yet on whether your elected officials will be charged for extra luggage. 

Hopefully, a price tag of just under $200 million of your tax dollars is okay with you.  Tell you what, let me talk to my manager.  Maybe we can throw in the under-body rust-proofing for free.

If you’d like to congratulate them, just click on their link to go to their website.

Wisconsin Congressional Map

Wisconsin Congressional Map


District 1:  Paul D. Ryan (R)

District 2:  Tammy Baldwin (D)

District 3:  Ron J. Kind (D)

District 4:  Gwen Moore (D)

District 5:  James F. Sensenbrenner (R)

District 6:  Thomas E. Petri (R)

District 7:  David R. Obey (D)

District 8:  Steve Kagen (D)


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