Monthly Archives: August 2009

My Living Will

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion about End of Life decisions.  Some believe a living will is a responsible, empowering thing to do, while others believe that making End of Life decisions will allow a government Death Squad to barge in and start harvesting organs. I believe that, after I die, I will no longer care […]

I Would Like to Be a Life Coach

I know the best way to kill a dream is to share it with others.  Recently, I expressed a desire to become a State Fair pitch man and was publicly mocked; shamed from greatness.  It was like that episode of Happy Days where Richie wanted to be a dancer and all the guys at Arthur’s […]

Human Nature?

I’ve always been a big fan of Nature. I see the Earth not as a 1987 Mercury Topaz dragging us around the sun until we die, but as a living, breathing thing.  A wise, sentient being that would actually speak to us if we listened.  I’ve always felt this way. As a child, I subscribed to Ranger Rick magazine, the […]

To The Sponsors of the Health Care Reform Bill

I’ve been watching the various town hall meetings closely.  I haven’t been listening to them however, because every time a person in a suit talks, I yell at the television until my neck and cheeks are red like I learned in Debate Club.  Anyway, from what I read on the Closed Captioning, you’re forming something called a “Death Panel.”  Aside from […]

The Evolution of Willy Porter

Willy Porter is on a journey; as are we all.  Despite the archetypal scripts we write for ourselves, Life rarely seems to listen to our pitches.  And while this drives most of us crazy, Willy embraces it; at least for the purpose of his craft.  Once in a while, during our personal treks, we hear a […]

Cash for Gulfstream Clunkers

Do you remember when Congress dressed down the auto execs for flying to D.C. on their private jets?  Boy, they sure let them have it, didn’t they? Funny story… The House of Representatives just voted themselves 3 new Gulfstream jets which will ensure that, when they travel, they won’t have to rub elbows with their […]