Bad Luck Commercial Redux

Many of you have commented on the Majestic Pines “Bad Luck” spot, and I thank you for them (even the creepy ones asking if I still had the unitard).  That commercial is actually one of three.  Here is another.

I should add that I don’t necessarily endorse gambling.  I think it’s a bit like life; you can’t win if you don’t play and, eventually, the house always wins.  If you’re cool with that paradigm, (and you’re doing right by the people that depend on you) have fun.  That being said:

I’d also like to introduce my own new casino:  Dylan’s Coin-Flip Emporium!  Come on down to Dylan’s Coin-Flip Emporium and place your bets while the Fickle Finger of Fate flips a common quarter!  Heads, it flips you out, tails it flips you off!  Wear a unitard and get a free buffet!

And coming in 2010, play Pass the Pigs for a grand prize of $250,000!  Shake a “Makin’ Bacon” and you’ll be rolling in it!  And don’t forget the Swine Keepers’ Klub!


There are 2 comments

  1. Very cool Dylan. These running in local markets?

  2. The first one is running during Brewer games. I haven’t seen the second on television yet.