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A Humble Request

I have a humble request of my state lottery:  Please stop making scratch-off tickets so complicated. It’s not entertaining.  I am rarely, if ever, delighted by the latest “game.”  And I don’t want them to be entertaining.  I’ve never bought a lottery ticket for entertainment purposes.  For instance, I never thought of saying to a date:  “What […]

Bad Luck Commercial Redux

Many of you have commented on the Majestic Pines “Bad Luck” spot, and I thank you for them (even the creepy ones asking if I still had the unitard).  That commercial is actually one of three.  Here is another. I should add that I don’t necessarily endorse gambling.  I think it’s a bit like life; you […]

Storm Dogs

Hello friends.  I’m writing this having gotten exactly fifteen minutes of sleep last night, so forgive me if the tieping is strangely.  If you’re in the Milwaukee area, you know that a wicked batch of thunderstorms rolled through last night, and if you have a dog (even the most laid-back, laissez-faire kind) chances are it […]

The Blues

I’ve always loved the Blues.  I love the wailing guitars and gritty catharsis.  If there was ever a musical genre that celebrated those aspects of the human condition that seem decidedly UN-celebratory, it’s the Blues.  Inherent in the Blues is that rarest of experiences in our modern world; a shared experience.  When played well, the Blues exhibits a […]

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The Kirtland’s Warbler…

…is in trouble.  They were placed on the endangered species list in 1973, and they’re numbers are still very low.  Just 18 sightings have been confirmed in Wisconsin. I’m not sure how they go about “confirming” a “sighting.”  I’m sure someone sees a Kirtland’s warbler and goes to tell someone else, thereby confirming the sighting, […]

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The Digital Revolution

The day is fast approaching.  It has taken on more gravitas than the Mayan Doomsday date of 2012.  I am, of course, referring to the switch to digital television.  On June 12th, those of you with analog antennae will be left to wallow in your own outdated filth, not knowing what to think or buy while the […]