Inside Information


This Blog is for my friends that do Improv Comedy.  If you don’t do Improv Comedy, please stop reading now.  I warn you; these are fruits you must not taste.


Hello Improv friends,

#1 on today’s agenda:  Enough time has now passed, you may once again take “Bea Arthur” as a suggestion.  Bear in mind, however, that the audience member giving the suggestion likely has never seen anything that Bea Arthur was in, might not know that Bea Arthur has passed, but is probably still trying to impress you by being culturally ironic.

#2:  The Corporate Show.

If you’ve done a corporate show, you know that “Inside Information” is the key to a good show.  If you don’t know what “Inside Information” is, then you should have stopped reading when I told you to! 

Certainly, the mere suggestion of “Judy the Receptionist” and the lunches that she keeps forgetting in the break room refrigerator will cause so much laughter and delight that the audience will never notice that you haven’t the slightest idea what this particular corporation actually does.  Such is the power of Inside Information. 

Until now…until you see what I have uncovered and decided to share with you for the betterment of all Improv Troupes across the nation.

Simply click on the picture for a full screen shot.

Just thought you’d like to know.


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