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Laundry Day

If you’re even remotely self-aware, you have the opportunity to learn something about yourself every day.  For instance, I’ve recently discovered that I am extremely anal as it pertains to laundry.  After much consideration, I’ve decided that it’s a curse. My wife is quite the opposite.  She can throw a load in the washer and […]

Stain of Fools

Hello, friends. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything, and this post will be slow and laborious because my fingers aren’t working like they used to.  It’s akin to being fairly sedentary in lifestyle and then playing several rigorous games of volleyball at the company picnic.  The next day, in addition to a […]

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Chinny Chin Chin

I like my beard  From what I’ve managed in the past, it’s the best of the attempts.  And there’s wisdom in facial hair.  My father had a beard and so did Santa.  When I was in high school in the 80’s, I wanted stubble so badly; like the guys in the magazines had.  It was […]

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Inside Information

                                        NOTICE! This Blog is for my friends that do Improv Comedy.  If you don’t do Improv Comedy, please stop reading now.  I warn you; these are fruits you must not taste.                                              *** Hello Improv friends, #1 on today’s agenda:  Enough time has now passed, you may once again take “Bea Arthur” as a […]

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The Day the Danny Died

“The ones that I admire most/The Father, Son and Holy Ghost/Took the last train for the coast/The day the Danny…died.” I feel bad for Danny because my local Fox affiliate has been eulogizing him all night.  It won’t be the same around the American Idol dinner table next week, and, a month from now, some […]

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Rummage Sale Season

I recently experienced a situation that very nearly turned me into “The Cranky Guy Who’s Overprotective of His Lawn.”  And as you know, from there, it’s a short, Calcium-deficient slouch into the old man who enjoys a Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet during Wheel of Fortune but can’t make it to Matlock because he’s just so tired.  […]

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The Mighty ‘Quins

Friends, I’ve always made it a point to continue learning as an adult.  And what’s great about learning as an adult is that your free to choose what it is you want to learn.  The downside is, just because your interested in something does not necessarily mean that that something is interested in you.  For […]

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