Other People’s Children

I have a question, and it’s not just a rhetorical question that serves to set up what follows (although it might):  What is the Statute of Limitations for pictures of other people’s children to remain on one’s fridge?

I ask because our fridge is getting a little cluttered.  And some of the pictures are of the same child one year later.  Our refrigerator is starting to look like someone else’s family tree, or like my wife and I are with a Justice Department Task Force, mapping a Baby crime family. 

And, if removed, what is the procedure for disposing of the picture?  Is it like a flag?  Are there bins outside of American Legion Halls?  Should the pictures be returned to the parents with a note saying:  “Thank you so much for allowing us to look at little Jeremiah every time we went to get a beer.”  Should they be filed somehow?  Because you can’t just toss them, right?

It just feels like removing the picture is akin to giving up on the child.  Should we keep the pictures handy for when the parents happen to come over?  But what if you have a few pictures of the child/children?  Having them all displayed would by kind of stalker-y, don’t you think?  I mean, you don’t want to have more than the actual parents. 

You see, my wife and I don’t have kids, so we don’t know what it is to have something that we’re so proud of that we mail pictures of it to everyone we know.  Don’t get me wrong, we like receiving them and we like displaying them and we like to share in our family’s and friend’s joy; we just don’t know where to go from here.

Maybe they could have expiration dates on them like:  “Secure to fridge with magnets shaped like fruit until June 2010.”

If anybody has the answer to these questions, please help.


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