Equal-Opportunity Terminology

I, for one, love the term “douchebag” as it pertains to self-absorbed chumps and conceited creeps.  It has become such a powerful addition to our vernacular that it has no linguistic peer.  I mean, when trying to come up with a word or series of words to describe a douchebag, one could try and try and still only come back to the word itself.

And what’s even more special about the word is the fact that I can say:  “What a douchebag” and everyone will conjure a unique yet ubiquitous image in their heads.  It is as individual as it is eternal, and that’s pretty special.  However, despite the range of images, there is one constant and that is that the “douchebag” is always male. 

For months now, I’ve been trying to think of a word to describe the female equivalent.  Surely they exist.  Well, after many, many days, (because that’s the kind of spare time that I have) I’ve found it.  Ladies and gentlemen, in this very Blog, I would like to premier a word that I hope will soon be sweeping the land.  Drum Roll, please.  It is my great pleasure to introduce:  “Douchebaguette” (doosh-bă-GĔT).

It is also my great pleasure to introduce the first inductee into the Douchebaguette Hall of Fame:



Now, as far as I know, this is the first mention of the term “douchebaguette,” and, before setting it free into the Cyber-wild, I’ve tagged it like a bird in a D.N.R. study.  I ask you, gentle readers, to pass it on and track it.  Together, we can add a much-needed word to our descriptive lexicon. 

Thanks in advance.


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