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“David After Dentist”: The Aftermath

I want names!  I want the names of the cloying, Über-parents that complained about the viral YouTube video, “David After Dentist.” You’ve seen it; it’s the one where a parent records his kid in the back seat of the car when the kid is still loopy from anesthetic after a trip to the dentist.  I’d […]

This Just In…

Hello friends.  As you know if you follow this Blog, I’ve been writing a lot about the economy and Wall Street practices lately and that can get a little tedious.  So today, I’m still going to write about the economy, but this time, with the addition of condoms.  As you know, the U.S. Government is […]

Selling Short: Someone is Profiting From Your Dwindling 401K

What is “Selling Short?”  I’m so glad that you didn’t ask.  Selling short is the method that traders use to make money in a bear market.  Perhaps you’ve heard the terms “Bear Market” and “Bull Market” before.  If you have, but still have no clue what it means, a “Bull” market is when the market is […]

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It looks like we’ve finally turned the corner.  Spring has sprung and the men are sprouting antlers (as if they needed something to make them even less attractive to their quarry). Fellas, if you plan on going out on the town and Tom Cattin’ anytime soon, you’d do well to do so sporting my brand new […]

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iFart, too

A couple days ago, I wrote a Blog regarding’s release of the Kindle 2.  My feeling was that, while it was a fine technology, was anybody really clamoring for it?  In the end, I argued that, for me, books were just fine, thank you very much.  It didn’t take long for me to recognize the irony and […]

The Kindle 2 Conundrum

I’ve never told this to anyone, but I like to read.  As a clever little fat kid, sometimes books were the only friends I had.  And other times those friends were Waffle-O’s Cereal.  I’m serious.  “Waffle-O’s.”  And clearly, based on the box, eating Waffle-O’s was like eating gold.  So I guess it was okay to be fat; I […]

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Monkey Paw Weather Magic

They’re just never right, are they?  I’m, of course, referring to our area meteorologists.  Oh sure, they’re great at telling you what it’s doing right now.  Heck, they’re even good at looking up the records and telling you what the weather was like on this date in 1910, but they’re still painfully inadequate at predicting […]

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