To Mr. John Q. Sample

Readers, I need your assistance.  If you know a Mr. John Q. Sample or, better yet, if there is a Mr. John Q. Sample reading this, I should tell you that I seem to have received your credit card by mistake.  Maybe Mr. Sample lived at our house before my wife and I did, or maybe it was just a clerical error, I don’t know, but Mr. John Q. Sample I have your credit card.  So go ahead and contact me via the “My Office” page of this website, and we’ll make arrangements to get it to you. 

By the way, you know that somebody, somewhere in the United States must be named “John Q. Sample” and, God forbid it would ever happen, but if it did, how would he report a case of identity theft?


There is one comment

  1. Homer: Moe, I’ve got a friend named Joey… Joe Joe Junior… Shabadoo.

    Moe: That’s the worst name I’ve ever heard.

    [man runs out of the bar crying]

    Barney: Wait! Joey Joe Joe!