I Had A Dream

I know that, on the heels of the last Blog, you may have the impression that this dream was somehow profound and poignant.  I’ll tell you right now that it wasn’t, but it was a dream nonetheless and I had to write it down.  It’s fragmented and weird like dreams are when recalled.

For some reason, I was late for a job.  I think it was a bartender job.  I was on foot and decided to take a shortcut that happened to be across a corner of a different country.  I didn’t have a passport and I hoped that that would be okay.

There was an office on the border that was similar to the weigh station on the east side of northbound I-94 as you enter Wisconsin from Illinois.  I entered the office and who should be the consulate/border guard but Scott Baio!  I told him that I was just passing through and I didn’t have my passport.  He seemed confused about how to handle it and, as a result, two other office workers, a man and a woman, began to laugh at him.  He began to laugh himself and then pulled out a silver automatic handgun.  He stood up, knocking his chair over and pumped three rounds a piece into his co-workers.  I screamed and ran.  I heard shots coming from behind me and, ahead of me, wood splintered off of the door jambs.

I ran and ran and ran.  I didn’t look back, but occassionally I’d hear a shot.  I eventually arrived at the bar, ran inside and yelled:  “Scott Baio is trying to kill me!”  I ducked behind the bar and waited.  Then I began filling the cooler. 

Analysis, anyone?


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  1. Karen wrote

    I belive you have a deep seeded desire to be in a relationship with Scott Baio and are running from this, or you have a deep seeded jealousy of Scott Baio’s success/fame and his manly, muscular build, exibiting itself in the future dream of you disarming him of his weapon and saving the day.

  2. Karen wrote

    This is not again in response to “I had a dream.” I finally obtained the internet (formerly too remote) and look forward to reading the rest of your website when time allows. I have always immensely enjoyed your “bits” on the Dave and Carole Morning “Extravaganza.” You are incredibly brilliant, creative, witty, well-spoken and most importantly…you have an amazing perceptual sense of humor. Thanks for the laughs.

  3. Thank YOU, Karen for the kind words. I truly appreciate them.