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So Very S.A.D.

Oh, it’s you.  Good to see you.  Although it would be better to see you with a massive, SUCKING CHEST WOUND! Whoa!  Holy Cow, did I just write that?  I am so sorry, I don’t mean it; it’s just my Seasonal Affective Disorder talking.  If you’re anything like me and hundreds of thousands of others that […]

The Kiss

Hey, I want you to think about your best kiss.  The best kiss you ever gave; the best kiss you ever received.  Do you remember him or her?  Do you remember where you were?  Do you remember deciding that you were going to do it?  I sure do.  The best kiss I ever gave was […]

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To All Charitable Organizations Who Happen To Have My Address

Folks, I’m a charitable guy.  Which is why when I received a charitable solicitation accompanied by some cute return address labels in the mail two months ago, I sent them a couple bucks.  Well, guess what?  That charity had some charity friends.  And it was nice enough to tell its charity friends about me.  Now, […]

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Hollywood Royalty

I don’t know if we have a say in the matter, but I’d like to appoint some new Hollywood royalty.  For years Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reigned, but I feel the polish on the scepter is beginning to fade if it hasn’t already. I never quite understood the fascination.  The Red Carpet sycophants […]

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Yes We Can

“We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them.”  –Titus Livius “Anger is nothing more than an outward expression of hurt, fear and frustration.”  –Dr. Phil Today, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and one day before the inauguration of our first African-American president, it’s difficult to not at least assess the state of […]

Some more Friday Trivia–Three Sheets

“Three sheets to the wind” is a phrase that is commonly used to describe drunkenness.  Like most phrases and idioms of today, it has a nautical origin.  Sailors have their own language.  It’s as if, when they were babies, their parents carried them around, pointed at things and said words that had nothing at all […]

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