Thursday, December 18th 2008, Day One

I’m counting on the local news to keep me safe; from the storm…and myself.  Every meteorologist says they’re the one to trust…but I’ve been hurt before. 


But watch them I do, and watch them I will.  They say that this is End of Days.  In 2 hours, it will come.  Twelve inches, wet and heavy.  The perfect snow storm.  They say we all pray eventually. 

This is my last will and testament:

I, Dylan Bolin, being of sound mind and body, hereby do bequeath all of my worldly riches to Bailey (dog).  And to my wife, I ask:  Why, honey, why?  For the record, I think it’s always to early to resort to Canibalism.  Don’t ever date anybody else or I will haunt you both.

You win, Weather.


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