Lincoln Logs’ Wisconsin Connection

There’s a popular childhood toy of the past with a distinctly Wisconsin connection.  The toy is Lincoln Logs.  A lot of people think that Lincoln Logs were named after Abraham Lincoln, but they weren’t. 

Lincoln Logs were the idea of one John Wright, and he came up with the idea while watching the construction of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.  The basement of the hotel featured interlocking beams to help reduce earthquake damage.  John Wright thought that it would be neat if children could build things with small interlocking beams as well, and came up with the idea for Lincoln Logs. 

What’s the Wisconsin connection?  The architect of the hotel was his father, and former Richland Center, Wisconsin native, Frank Lloyd Wright, and John Wright named the logs after his father.  You see, Frank Lloyd Wright’s middle name wasn’t always Lloyd.  He changed it to Lloyd after his parents split, but before that, his middle name was Lincoln.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we got Lincoln Logs. 

Now go out there and buy your kids an Xbox 360.


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