The New Art

The last time I encountered a Web Designer, I remember thinking:  “Wow, that was like talking to an artist.” 

There was the Thousand Yard Stare of seeking perfection and the distracted, interpersonal responses.  And this was while he was NOT currently working on a website; in fact, he was avoiding working on a website.  Just like an artist.  And, just like an artist, the real work seems to get done when independent of the medium.  I firmly believe that the medium of the future will be websites like you’re looking at right now.

Look at the left.  Now, imagine drawing, shading and coloring, by hand, the interlacing circles.  Hard?  Easy?  Really easy?”  Now imagine all the neurons in the brain that fire, in the correct order, for you to picture it and draw it.  Now imagine drawing the interlacing circles with just the neurons.  That’s what it’s like to draw a picture with “code.”  

“Code” is the word that web designers use to tell you, nicely:  “You wouldn’t understand, but it’s nice of you to pretend to be interested.”

And we don’t understand, and we do pretend.  And we never will understand because we Noobs see the World Wide Intertubes from a strictly utilitarian point of view; “how is my world better because of this website?”  But every day, the internet becomes a greater part of our lives, and soon, the part of the human psyche that created, and is enriched by art will be served almost exclusively by this very Internet.  

Web designers attempt to make technology interesting.  And “interesting” both inspires, and is defined by, “art.”  Web designers are the creators of this “New Art,” and we won’t truly appreciate them until several generations after their deaths. 

Personally, I’m proud to commission a man named Chris to electronically enrich my soul.   



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  1. Yup…that’s pretty spot on. I’m supposed to be designing a website right now too, and I’m avoiding it just the same. Inspiration hits when it hits I guess. Wait, who am I kidding. I just don’t feel like doing it. Ha!